Our Career Acceleration + Kids! workshop on retaining talented employees, offers 90 critical minutes of hands-on experience for Gen Xers, Millennials and HR professionals. Providing workable strategies that are easily implemented, Career Acceleration + Kids! offers ways of staying competitive in a continually changing marketplace. Learn why:

  • Gen Xers may intentionally stop looking for that next promotion and aren’t in the mix when a new management position crops up
  • Millennials want to learn how to juggle work and family while in awe of Gen Xers who appear to be “doing it all”
  • HR Professionals want to retain talented employees for key management positions but acknowledge the roadblocks of those who are juggling work and family

Facilitated by StrategyBOOST founder Shirley Kurnoff and others, these power workshops include a brief presentation, break-out groups for pointed discussions and summaries of take-home points, plus a complimentary signed copy of Shirley’s newest paperback, Women Make It Work: What Generation X & Y working women are saying about juggling it all, and technology as the Great Liberator. For more information about scheduling and costs, contact us at info@strategyboost.com.