My experience working with StrategyBOOST has been nothing short of miraculous.

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My experience working with StrategyBOOST has been nothing short of miraculous. Twenty-nine years into my career which I still love, StrategyBOOST helped me to identify the loves I’d left along the way, including journalism. Through Shirley Kurnoff’s (Lead Strategy Coach) detailed questions, she defined my needs, researched some options, and with a few of her suggestions, I’ve completed a Writing for Magazines course at Stanford University, and have also become a freelance writer for Examiner.com. I wouldn’t have imagined a path like this, but she saw it right away. A big fan of reinvention at any stage and age, Shirley delivers focused support, with just enough of a push to get me on my way. The bonus is her bubbly, positive personality. All of which makes her delivery enjoyable and effective.

Karie Bennett,
Founder and CEO, Atelier, San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.

The simplest solutions become the most practical. StrategyBOOST does that!

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My day is often overwhelming with work and family – how to fit it all in? When I talk with my girlfriends I feel like I am complaining. At StrategyBOOST, I get really good feedback, and it is inspirational. We talk about work and the kids, my support system, and that work has to fit into my family schedule. Summer is all about golf tournaments and networking, Sept through June is full-on project management and delivery. The golf part of my business made me feel so much better when Shirley Kurnoff, Lead Strategy Coach, underscored that it is a networking devise for my Design Business. When she said it from a business perspective, I thought: “Yes, she’s right!” Shirley is enthusiastic, and that is contagious. She’s in the industry, knows what it takes to be a working mom. Knows that multi-tasking is part of the deal, part of life. Knows the importance of fine-tuning work and family regularly. She’s been there. Done that. She understands! And, I love how we did this testimonial – I spoke all while driving the boys to baseball practice. This way works for me otherwise it would have become another item on The List. The simplest solutions become the most practical. StrategyBOOST does that!

Stephanie Sendell,
Founder and Owner, Sendell Design Group, Carmel, California, USA

StrategyBOOST sessions caused me to focus on myself because I get so busy on multi-tasking.

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The StrategyBOOST sessions put everything into perspective – - where I am with my family and in my career. It caused me to take time to focus on myself because I get so busy on multi-tasking. I am just in it, and just doing it, and I don’t really have time to look at anything else beyond my workday. Being in the financial sector, I tend to be more conservative and our sessions forced me to step outside of my comfort zone, and open my eyes to other opportunities. It didn’t mean I had to change. I looked at it, and thought: “maybe there is merit to it”. Before, my mindset was “I am lucky to have a job”. But, after a couple of sessions I came to the realization that my company is lucky to have me. StrategyBOOST came at time when I needed change – - 15 years work experience, no longer fresh out of college, a weak economic environment. To get me as a working mother to devote time to myself, and realistically see the big picture is a huge task, and StrategyBOOST was able to do just that.

Glenna Datta,
Commercial Banker, Northern California, USA

Often, we just want someone non-judgmental to listen.

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It is important for working moms to have someone to bounce off their ideas and challenges, someone who has been either in a similar situation, or has helped other working moms cope with the same situation. Often, we just want someone non-judgmental to listen.

Ricci Lyons,
lawyer, Johannesburg, South Africa

Everything is possible. Just open your mind, and believe in yourself.

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I love working with StrategyBOOST. Talking about my feelings with someone I can trust, and has been through the same situation, is a good way of venting and solving my practical daily of combining work with family. When I feel like I am stuck at some point in my life, the right boost and incentives work magic in providing me with a new prospective on things, and give me the enthusiasm I need to move forward, and to look out for new opportunities. Everything is possible I have learned. Just reach out for new goals, open your mind and believe in yourself. Sometimes, it really works out! 

Stefania Albertini,
Business Owner, Language School, Verbania, Italy.

Why Executive Coaching?
This process entails working with an individual on various aspects of their professional/personal life to set goals, make decisions and move forward. It differs from therapy in that it focuses on the present and the future instead of the past, and offers two-way communication to drive a desired outcome.

Lead Coach

Shirley Kurnoff, PhD, is a start-up entrepreneur, author, working mother and competitive sportswoman. She’s a gifted interviewer who uses her analytical skills to help people derive their most meaningful, purposeful lives. A graduate of Stanford University (MA, Education) and Sydney’s Macquarie University (PhD, Sociology), she has taught at several universities, is a sought-after keynote speaker and has authored two books, The Human Side of Dyslexia: 142 interviews with Real people telling Real stories and Women Make It Work: What Generation X & Y working women are saying about juggling it all, and technology as the Great Liberator.

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